Benefits of MQL

-Cleaner / safer work environment

-No haze in the air

-No coolant on the floor
-Coolant handling
-No coolant disposal costs

-No separation of coolant from chips
-No need for coolant filtration systems

Cleaner/Safer Work Environment
Improved Tool Life
Improved System Processes

-Reduces down time

-Speeds up production

-Can see parts being made

Improved Finished Product/Quality

“We thought saw-cutting with coolant was our only option. The Near Dry Cutting solution provided by DropsA USA produced a clean, dry work area and improved our blade life as well as the finish of our cuts.”
Mason Reynolds, American Metal
“We originally tested the DropsA USA MiQueL unit because we were looking for a way to increase production and reduce the mess caused by metal working fluid. The first day we ran the unit on our CNC cutoff saw we reduced our time in the cut by over 50% with better surface finish. We are now using MQL in 6 machines. Our operators love it! The work environment is clean and dry. It’s safer because they don’t have to wear gloves. In addition to great tool life we were able to cut our labor time by 15%. We will be converting more of our ship to MiQueL!”
Joe Broering, Hi-Tech Wire Inc.
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